Primary Care

Being Important

I walked into the room, with my student in tow behind me.  The elderly couple who greeted us were some of my older, longer-standing patients.  They were delighted to meet my student and I explained to her about this pair (but were not sure of me calling them “elderly”). The husband is pretty healthy, but […]

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How to Avoid Being a Dumb-Ass Doctor

It\’s been two years since I first started my new practice.  I have successfully avoided driving my business into the ground because I am a dumb-ass doctor.  Don\’t get me wrong: I am not a dumb-ass when it comes to being a doctor. I am pretty comfortable on that, but the future will hold many opportunities to change that verdict.  No, I am talking about being a dumb-ass running the business because I am a doctor.  

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The Mission

It\’s a big job, but it\’s sure a lot easier when I have my nurses and my patients rooting for me and helping me achieve this goal.  Really.  I cannot express just how much better life is in this practice than it was in my old one.  From what I\’ve heard, things are just getting worse in that world.

It\’s my mission to help pave a road to a better way.  I am grateful to have not only nurses on my side, but patients joining in this mission.

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Going Gets Tough

My goal is not to have fodder for good blog posts.  My goal is not to impress people with my great ideas.  My goal is not to get pats on my back or praise from my colleagues.  It\’s not bad to have any of those things, but the goal I have is much bigger, and is long-term.  I want to be part of the proof that we can do better than to give people the sickness-centered, treatment-heavy, over-priced, and chaotic care most Americans are getting! 

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