Of PCP\’s and THC

The drug test came back abnormal.  There was THC present.  I walked back to Mrs. Johnson and raised my eyebrows.

\”What\’s wrong?\” she asked, not used to whatever kind of look I was giving her.

\”Uh, you forgot to mention to me that you smoke weed.\”

She blushed and then smirked.  \”Well, yes, I guess I forgot to put that down on the sheet.  I don\’t do it real often, but sometimes it takes mind off of things.  I just get real anxious about my kids, my husband…and my heart problems. I only smoke one or two a night\”

She\’s not your usual picture of a pot-head.  She\’s in her sixties, has coronary heart disease, irritable bowel, hypertension, is on Medicaid, and is the essential caricature of the the poor white folk who live in the deep south.  And she smokes weed. 

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