The Grass is Green

\”I\’m kind of stumped here,\” I confessed to her, going through my list of possible causes.  Together we discussed the possible options of diagnostic testing and treatment.  While we talked, she continued showing a glimmer of fear in her eyes.  It wasn\’t that she thought she\’d die from this, and I don\’t even believe it was a fear that I couldn\’t help her; it was a fear I would tell her the grass was not green.  Maybe her reality isn\’t real.  Maybe she is crazy.

Doctor and patient.  Insecurity meets insecurity.  Weak helping weak.  


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A year ago Today

A year ago today I was excited, nervous, and totally clueless about the road that lay ahead.  A year later I am still excited, less nervous, and OK with my cluelessness about the future.  My job is to work on the stuff I\’ve got in front of me now, leaving the future to open up as I make this new land a home for me and my patients.

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Buckle Up

Lipitor can destroy your liver. Back surgery can leave you paralyzed. People who take Chantix might kill themselves. You may never wake up from a simple surgery. These statements are all true.  They also are very confusing to many of my patients when I am prescribing drugs or recommending surgery.  What should they do when

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