I am Back

Yeah, I am still here.  Sorry I left you with Bob the Llamaturkey as my last post to see.  That is very thoughtless of me.

Many who have been reading my blog adventure as I build my new practice have noted a bit of a down mood in my writing.  Yes, that has been there (not Bob the Llamaturkey, other stuff).  The past two years have been quite a but more than I expected.  They have definitely been more rewarding and fulfilling than I could have hoped, but they have also been far more anxiety provoking and exhausting than my worries could have conjured.  The medical side of things has been wonderful, but the burden of starting a business from scratch is heavy.

Hence the absence of recent blog posts.  

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A year ago Today

A year ago today I was excited, nervous, and totally clueless about the road that lay ahead.  A year later I am still excited, less nervous, and OK with my cluelessness about the future.  My job is to work on the stuff I\’ve got in front of me now, leaving the future to open up as I make this new land a home for me and my patients.

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