I’m Back

My Promise

I made myself a promise.

I’ve made several false starts at getting back into blogging, and was sincere about the desire to do so.  But desire doesn’t necessarily translate to commitment, and my results showed a lack of real commitment to writing.  So I made myself a promise that I would only publish this blog if I got 10 articles written that were worthy of publishing. So, if you are reading this on my blog, then be assured that one of two things is true: either I am on a roll, writing 10 worthy articles and have finally broken free from this writing slump…or…I’m just a weenie who couldn’t wait to publish a new silly blog, and will quickly lose steam.  I guess that’s the risk you take when you follow a blog called “The Distractible Zone.”  Your mistake or mine?  Time will tell.

My Writing

So I won’t assume that everyone reading this is acquainted with my past writing shenanigans, nor about my perspective and style.

My previous blog was named Musings of a Distractible Mind.  I called it that because:

  1. I had ADHD as a kid, and still have it some as an adult.  I’ve gotten by without medications (besides generous servings of strong coffee), but my brain still likes to take excursions to unexpected places. These jaunts can be amusing, but perhaps are a bit terrifying for those coming along for the ride for the first time.
  2. I wanted to keep the subject material broad.  I wanted to write about whatever I want, be it patient encounters, frustration with the healthcare system, drunk monkeys, human anatomy, thoughts on the meaning of life, or llamas.  These are just my personal musings, not a soapbox to convert people to my way of thinking.  If I don’t add a bit of thoughtfulness and insight into someone’s day, then at least I can make them chuckle.
  3. I thought the name was quirky.

I am including many of my previous posts in the archives of this blog because I’m proud of it.  Some of it’s dumb, outdated, or obtuse.  There are lots of typos (and a lot of pictures that didn’t transfer over…sorry about that).  But many of my thoughts in this blog will be continuations of things I’ve written about in the past.

So why name this one The Distractible Zone? Hah!  A chance for another list!

  1. I wanted a fresh start, not just a continuation of the old blog.
  2. I searched available with the word “distractible” and saw this one.  I thought it was perfect.
  3. I think zones are underrated and under appreciated by the general public.  I want to raise public awareness of all things zonal.

My Apologies

Before finishing up, let me make a few disclaimers (this time as a bulleted list!):

  • Most of my posts are written in one sitting, with perhaps an edit or two going through things.  So enjoy the typos.  They are not a glitch or a problem, they are a feature of the blog.
  • I don’t talk about politics, but I don’t mind making political people mad.  I will try to stick to the facts as I interpret them, leaving the political implications to the reader.
  • I will talk about patients, but will not reveal names or facts about them that will compromise privacy.
  • I won’t explain why llamas show up from time to time in my writing because I don’t really know the reason.  They just do, and I believe you should never turn away a llama.  It’s just bad luck.
  • Feel free to comment in my posts, but I reserve the right to remove comments that are derogatory, inflammatory, or mean.

Oh…and one more thing: this post does not count in the 10 necessary to publish this blog.

So I have work to do.


So I wrote this a while ago (took me a bit to write the 10 posts I needed to write…sigh).  Since then I’ve decided to add a feature:  guest authors.  I am going to have various people/personalities that I know do guest posts on this blog.  Part of it is so I can have diverse content and highlight good writers.  Part of it is because it takes the pressure off of me as a writer…other people will do some of the work for me.  I have lots of writer friends that I can (hopefully) con…uh, convince to write/republish posts that may interest you, my reader.  Hopefully this will become a big part of this blog.

We shall see.