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House Cat (Occupation)
Toot is the smartest, most awesome cat in the world. She is underfed, and basically starving to death most days. She writes most excellently and basically saves Dr. Rob's butt because she brings the average up to a tolerable level. She loves boxes, and loves being pushed around in them through the house. She knows other cats are jealous of her, but cannot help it; her awesomeness is obvious and she can't hide it.

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Jacqui O'Kane

Family Doc. NOT a Cat
Jacqui (AKA Jackie O) is the first non-feline guest blogger on this site. She is a family doc who has languished in the hamster wheel that is primary care in the US. She's smart, funny, snarky, and is a talented and poignant writer. Dr. Rob had to all but beg to get table scraps from Jacqui. Not really, but you'll see why it was a no brainer for him to include her writing on the blog (and Dr. Rob is ESPECIALLY good at things requiring no brain...and you'll see that from HIS writing).

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