Zippy\’s Back!

Fish and Chips in England. Raise your hand if you know who Zippy the Lobster is.  Yep, I suspected many of you had either forgotten about him or had never met him before.  You can put your hands down now.  One of you really aught to research the concept of deodorant. Zippy and I met […]

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Stand up to Cancer

Today is Stand up to Cancer day. OK Gang, it is not just words.  Put your money where your mouth is.  Zippy\’s numbers have been stuck for about a month and he is getting angry (and do you really want to make a lobster angry?). Support Zippy\’s Cause.  Give to fight childhood brain tumors.  Go

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Cancer Quest

I am a goof sometimes, but not always.  Above is a picture of a little girl’s grave.  She died of brain cancer.  Yes, there is a rubber lobster in the picture too, but without that lobster, few would be looking at her grave.  Being a doctor is a fine thing to do, but there is

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Zippy in Clinton Country

Zippy got to visit Little Rock, Arkansas.  He was going to sit on this sign for two hours, since it was reserved, but it was kind of uncomfortable. Go over to his website and see the first installment of his adventures in the "Natural State."  While you are there, check out the place to donate

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Zippy Hits the Road

Zippy had a great time in Louisiana.  Head on over to his blog to see what all the fuss is about.  Zippy\’s goal is to raise money for brain cancer research.  I will have more on this soon.  If you are interested in hosting zippy (exotic locations preferred) please drop me an e-mail.

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