Us and Them-Ism

Us and ThemAnd after all we\’re only ordinary men The wanna-be congressman appeared with his neat hair and pressed suit, a competent yet compassionate expression on his face.  \”The first thing I am going to do when I get to congress is to work to repeal Obamacare,\” he said, expression growing subtly angry.  \”I will […]

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Source \”Your system is perfectly designed to yield the outcome you are presently getting.\”  – Not sure who said it, but dang, were they smart. A patient was recently recounting some of her bad experiences with her health care.  I shot back with some of my frustrations with this system that seems hell-bent on making

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The following post was one of my most read and commented-on from my old blog.  I wrote it in June of 2008 after seeing a patient who was utterly ashamed of his obesity.  I was so struck by his self-loathing that I wrote the post within a few hours of seeing him.   My most recent

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One of the main things driving  me back to blogging is madness.  While I can’t be sure that I am not overcome by madness, it is not my own of madness I am referring to.  Well, no, I am mad, but not mad in the way that I hear Elvis whispering in my ear or

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