A poem about the painful absurdities of practicing in a fee-for-service model. Published on Doctors’ Day 2023, in celebration of my impending freedom from this broken system. FFS, you atrocityWith wRVUsCruelly concocted by CMSEncoding suffering with ICD-10And compounding it endlesslyWith Z codes for SDOHAnd 7 characters to specifyEpisode of care How I do translateThe sequelae […]

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Golden Haikus

Yea!! It\’s the time everyone has been waiting for.  I even got a call from Oprah asking if I have chosen the winner (she\’s just jealous, you know).  It\’s time to give away Golden Llamas!! Not so fast.  This post won\’t actually award the GLA, but instead gives you all of the haikus in their

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