Dr. Rob\’s Inbox

I was excited.  Finally I could get my questions answered by America\’s doctor darling.  Since I know he\’s a busy guy, I thought I\’d need to get his attention. No, I wasn\’t interested in the miracle antioxidant pill that detoxes my carotid arteries, reprograms my neuronal circuitry, melts away belly fat, and enhances me in the bedroom.  I know about that already.  I\’ve seen his show.

No, my questions were far more important

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The Origin of Feces

I got this in my email today from \”Living Social.\” When I first read it, I thought it said, \”Your mother always reminded you to wash your behind…\”, which makes sense, given the advertising subject material.  I haven\’t read the remainder of the deal, so we can only guess what the last sentence reads: \”Pay $39 to

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Heidi goes to the dark side

One of the rock solid things in life has always been the neutrality of Switzerland. I go to bed much easier at night knowing that at least there is one place where war is not the solution to problems. This has changed in a very saddening way: Swiss accidentally invade Liechtenstein Fri Mar 2, 10:01

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