Health Care

The Mission

It\’s a big job, but it\’s sure a lot easier when I have my nurses and my patients rooting for me and helping me achieve this goal.  Really.  I cannot express just how much better life is in this practice than it was in my old one.  From what I\’ve heard, things are just getting worse in that world.

It\’s my mission to help pave a road to a better way.  I am grateful to have not only nurses on my side, but patients joining in this mission.

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Crazy Ideas

A patient calls or emails me with a problem.  I talk with them over the course of a few days, using whatever form of communication works best.  Eventually, they need to come to the office to be seen – either for something needing to be done in-person (examination, procedure, or lab test), or because of

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Patient Rights

I was talking to a patient a few days ago who was raving about a local grocery store.  \”They get it,\” she said.  \”They understand how to take care of their customers.\” It made me think about how far medicine has drifted away from the same idea.  Ironically, despite the fact that our \”customers\” (people

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One of the main things driving  me back to blogging is madness.  While I can’t be sure that I am not overcome by madness, it is not my own of madness I am referring to.  Well, no, I am mad, but not mad in the way that I hear Elvis whispering in my ear or

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