Golden Llama Award

Golden Haikus

Yea!! It\’s the time everyone has been waiting for.  I even got a call from Oprah asking if I have chosen the winner (she\’s just jealous, you know).  It\’s time to give away Golden Llamas!! Not so fast.  This post won\’t actually award the GLA, but instead gives you all of the haikus in their

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Proceedings from the Congressional Golden Llama Committee

The congressional Golden Llama Committee is called to order, his honorable congressman Paul Ryan presiding Ryan (R-WI): Welcome back from your August vacation, fellow committee members.  I hope the town hall meetings about the Golden llamas were not too raucous in your district. (Laughs from committee members and the large gallery at the proceedings) Ryan:

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New Caption Contest

Are you coveting some fame?  Are you desiring some recognition?  Do you want out of the doldrums of your drab existence?  Are you getting tired of watching the Wheel of Fortune Network?  Has Oprah sent hit squads to shut down your dissenting opinion due to your disbelief in her all-knowing will for your life? Today

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