About a month ago I got an invitation by John Schumann, who authorizes the Glass Hospital blog to go to Iowa.   Now, I don\’t consider going to Iowa a particularly bad thing, but it is an unusual place to be invited to.  I am all in favor of corn and abundant use of the […]

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Getting Social

15% offscrub jackets with code \”jackets_save\” Moving to the south is an eye-opening experience.  First, there\’s the friendliness of everyone; I remember the first time a stranger talked to me in the grocery store, it made me nervous.  In Philadelphia, where I went to med school, anyone talking to you in the grocery store was

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My world changed four years ago today.  Today is the 4th anniversary of when I started distractible blogging. Beginnings I had actually written a couple of posts on another blog called \”Rob\’s Odd Blog,\” but it was panned by Oprah and Steve Jobs, so it never went far.  I was also writing for Dmitriy at

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Just Keep Writing

Taking a break (or at least a slow-down) from writing has its risks.  One of the things that has helped me over the past four years (yes, I am soon upon my 4th blog-o-versary) is that I kept writing.  Writing begets writing.  The more you write, the more you write.  Once you start to slow

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What is a Medical Blog?

I have to confess, I really get into lists of the \”Top X blogs.\”  X doesn\’t have to equal \”Medical;\” I just like seeing what people find worthwhile. OK, I will also confess a mild obsession about where my blog stacks up.  That obsession starts when you begin to blog and continues regardless of your

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It\’s interesting to see how different things are over at The Health Care Blog.  First, it\’s different to have to write \”health care\” instead of healthcare.  I personally am all for not using up or resources by adding the space between the two words.  Ihaveconsideredeliminatingspacesaltogether, but it gets confusing.  Iwon\’tdothat. One of the big differences

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Why I do This

It was a legitimate challenge. When I mentioned to a fellow blogger that I was appearing on NPR, and he raised a very important question:  \”Is that really a good thing?  I thought that the point of blogging was to pose a challenge to the mainstream media, but it seems like bloggers feel like they

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