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Dr. Rob\’s Inbox

I was excited.  Finally I could get my questions answered by America\’s doctor darling.  Since I know he\’s a busy guy, I thought I\’d need to get his attention. No, I wasn\’t interested in the miracle antioxidant pill that detoxes my carotid arteries, reprograms my neuronal circuitry, melts away belly fat, and enhances me in the bedroom.  I know about that already.  I\’ve seen his show.

No, my questions were far more important

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A Letter to Patients With Chronic Disease

Dear Patients: You have it very hard, much harder than most people understand.  Having sat for 16 years listening to the stories, seeing the tiredness in your eyes, hearing you try to describe the indescribable, I have come to understand that I too can\’t understand what your lives are like.  How do you answer the

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House of Cards

I was sitting in a conference recently;  the speaker was talking about the Medical Home and how one practice was getting nearly $150K for managing a patient population using a new computerized tool.  Sounds good. During the question and answer period I asked the speaker:  \”Shouldn\’t we wait until insurance companies are willing to pay

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