Compliance – noun 1 compliance with international law: obedience to, observance of,adherence to, conformity to, respect for. ANTONYMS violation. 2 he mistook her silence for compliance: acquiescence, agreement, assent,consent, acceptance; docility, complaisance, pliability, meekness,submission. ANTONYMS defiance. (New Oxford American Dictionary 3rd edition © 2010 by Oxford University Press, Inc.) \”Why aren\’t you taking your cholesterol medication?\”  I asked the woman.  With the coronary disease I diagnosed a year ago, my discovery that she had not taken her medication was very

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Buckle Up

Lipitor can destroy your liver. Back surgery can leave you paralyzed. People who take Chantix might kill themselves. You may never wake up from a simple surgery. These statements are all true.  They also are very confusing to many of my patients when I am prescribing drugs or recommending surgery.  What should they do when

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