About Me

I am a primary care doctor in Augusta GA, where I’ve been practicing since 1994.
Yeah, that makes me old. I realize that. 

I started blogging MANY years ago (2006). If you want to read my stuff there click on this link. I make no apology; this is the site on which the Dr. Rob Empire is built. I was doing writing on a lark and found out that people actually liked what I wrote. So I kept writing.

I moved over to WordPress within the year and my popularity grew. I wrote about medical stuff, I wrote about personal thoughts, and I wrote about llamas…and goats…and giving birth to motor boats. Or something like that.

Regardless, my writing skillz were dug by all and I enjoyed my moment in the sun. It was fun, and it was good.

Then my life changed. I left my old fee-for-service practice and opened a direct primary care practice. It was madness to do so, but I was prone to madness. And it worked. But the business became my first love, and my blog took the hit. I noticed that all I blogged about is how good my practice was…and that seemed to be kind of boring. I slowed down (and had switched to SquareSpace on the blog, which didn’t really work well for blogging), so I ended up writing a few posts a year.

I also went through personal stuff (specifically a divorce) and so was distracted by life and not by my writing.

Well…things have gotten better. My practice is doing well and I’m starting a new business based on DPC, which is really cool. I have great partners and have a really sunny outlook on my business future. I also found love, in the person of Beth. She’s also changed my perspective on life and has made me more content in life. She also wants me to write again because my writing somehow mattered and made a difference.

So here I am. I do know I’ve been given a gift in my writing. I feel like leaving that on the table too long is not using what I’ve been given to help others. So that’s what I’ll do. I’m going to entertain, push people’s thinking, make them guffaw and make them sigh. I want to do this for the right reasons (not just to be the cool kid in the classroom). I want to write things that matter and that hopefully move the dial in the right direction.

If this goes nowhere, then I guess that’s OK. But my hope is that I can make people see things in a better way. I am an optimist and think there are solutions to problems — even the problems that seem unsolvable.

I’m very happy you are here!!

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