Dona Nobis Pacem


Today is the annual \”Blog Blast for Peace.\”  This is my own (perhaps predictable) take on this idea.  Peace is something we see perhaps as an ideal but we never really think hard about because it seems so distant.  The idea of having true \”peace on earth\” is as distant as the idea of having a civil election.  It seems we humans were not made for peace.

Yet I think we were made with a yearning in our hearts for peace.  It is appropriate on this election day in the US that we should ask for peace.  Not that peace will come through the political system, or through the actions of one political persuasion.  But because peace won\’t happen until we stand up together and say \”this has got to stop. We want peace.\”  

It may seem kind of \”new age\” or \”hippie,\” but why shouldn\’t we want and strive for peace, whatever our race or religion.  I am not sure we can ever achieve the goal of peace, but I do think we can make progress.  I pray that we begin to make progress so that perhaps some day the idea won\’t seem so crazy.

So I repeat the Latin phrase: Dona Nobis Pacem, which means \”Grant us Peace.\”  Yes, may we be given this priceless gift and may we treat peace for humanity (and llamanity) as a gift and as something truly priceless.

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