More Changes is More the Same

Yesterday I tooted my horn for the new blog host and the new look of the blog.  Today I will toot again, even harder.   

It really looks cool now.  This is one of the strong points of the SquareSpace platform: some pretty slick-looking graphics up front that can make me look a lot more tech-savvy than I really am.  Come look, and let me know again what you think.  No, actually just tell me how wonderful it is. 

This is actually a bit of a parallel to what\’s been happening to my practice.  When I started out the practice I had a vision of what I wanted, and within the first week I was quite discouraged that I was nowhere near that goal.  Now, after 8 months I am closer, but still quite far from my vision.  The reality is that all things must be shaped over time, and there are many false starts, bad attempts, and accidental fortune that plays into doing things right in the end.  My pouting during the first week of my practice was met with sage advice from a friend, who recommended I read the book: The Lean Startup , a book that discusses starting a business without too much planning.  This was fortunate advice to get from the start, since I\’ve pretty much been in a big state of flux from the start.  What I have now is far better in many ways than I could\’ve planned.

I have to say, I am nowhere near where I thought I would be, but am building something far more substantial than I knew was possible during those first weeks.  To anyone who is in a start-up or doing what I am doing, I absolutely recommend taking the approach of moving ahead with eyes open, listening to your customers (patients) and always being willing to revise and improve the product.  There are no shortcuts to quality.  I sure as heck wish there were, but I will take where I am now and where I am going as a sign that I did things OK, despite myself. 


3 thoughts on “More Changes is More the Same”

  1. Dr Lambert,

    Platform looks great! You will make it to where you’re going. Great customer service along with a growing trend for patients and employers seeking these models will help spur growth. It’s the right thing to do and having done it on your own is commendable. It’s an intense process as you know.


  2. Thanks, Will. It’s nice when someone else makes me look smart. Sometimes it feels like I need all the help I can get!

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