Adventures in Medicine, Part 2

In case you missed my last post (some may consider it a blessing, like missing the season premiere of \”Jenny McCarthy, the science Gal\”), this is the star of the show.  His name is \”Chuck.\”

Why, many may ask do I use \”quotes\” when I use the name \”Chuck.\”  To this, I respond, that it\’s a \”secret.\”  Maybe you should get a \”life.\”

\"IMG_0480\"So when last we left Chuck, he was in the office of his \”Primary Care Provider,\” Dr. Ron.  Chuck fell over his cat and injured his back.  He didn\’t think he had a problem that needed a doctor\’s attention, but when he went to the Internet for answers (which everyone does, in case you didn\’t know), he only got more confused (and a little scared).  He needed advice from someone he trusts, and, despite the wait times and co-pays, he likes and trusts Dr. Ron.

So, being the good soldier within the patient brigade, Chuck takes the whole afternoon off and sets his mind toward the exciting prospect of the hours of excitement at Dr. Ron\’s office.


Despite the seeming reality TV scene in the waiting room, Chuck is happy to be in a place where he can get concrete answers to his questions and an end to his pain.  For Chuck, as with most patients, the visit to the doctor should go like this:

Step 1:  Chuck tells the doctor his problem.  Doctor Ron listens and knows what is wrong.


Step 2: Doctor tells Chuck what is causes his problem and comes up with a solution.


Step 3: Problem gone, Chuck can once again pursue his dream of being center fielder for the Toledo Mud Hens, and Dr. Ron is thrilled to be part of his success.


Not to be outdone in the expectations department, Dr. Ron expects the visit to happen like this:

1. Patient has questions and problems which Dr. Ron answers and solves (respectively).

\"IMG_0639\"2.  Patient happily pays for the encounter, as do all his satisfied customers.


3. Successful in medicine, Ron turns to his hidden fantasy: to compete on (and win) the popular \”Doctor Idol\” TV show.  His patients are proud of him.


So what\’s wrong with these pictures (besides obvious anatomical inconsistencies, such as the regular disappearance of noses)?

Stay tuned….

5 thoughts on “Adventures in Medicine, Part 2”

  1. I enjoy your blog. Thank you. I wish I had a Doctor Ron that could fix me. Lol! I wish I had tripped over a cat.

  2. Too good :). Part one, meaty with witty copy, part two meaty with witty cartoons. Both tell the “story”.

  3. Ha! Well if your new system needs some extra support, maybe you could start an online comic series! LOL! Love this!CC Peyton

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