Getting Close


I did it.  I finally got a logo I like.  I wanted a logo with a doorway in it, and probably spent days trying to get what I want.  It\’s probably a bit of OCD or ADHD hyper-focus going on, but it\’s nice to get done.  The doorway represents:

  • Welcome – many practices give the message that they are too busy for their patients, leaving them to feel like they are not welcome.
  • Availability – the open door signifies that my door is open and they can come in if they want (via phone, message, whatever means).
  • Entry into a new form of care – the door opens to something different than people expect from their doctor.  It is also an opening to a new kind of care for doctors (including me), and perhaps a doorway out of the old system.

It looks like I am opening \”officially\” on the 4th of February, which is about a month behind schedule. Still, I am starting to get patients pre-registered and scheduled for their intake.  I am also putting some of the new communication tools through their paces, and learning a lot about them.  I expect the next few weeks to be chaotic, as I won\’t actually be able to occupy my office until midway through next week, and then will finally be able to work (with my nurse) to get things organized.

It will be good to have a job to go to once more.

4 thoughts on “Getting Close”

  1. Best wishes for all the success that life can offer! Know you will be a blessing to many, and they will be blessings to you! Enjoy it all! Ellen ~ an old fan!

  2. Great logo. I like it. It’s different, and I think having the L for Lambert show, is a neat touch.

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