Big Stuff

Big stuff has been happening over the past few days:

  • I agreed to the construction plan and will begin on the renovation of the office as soon as possible.  My initial thought was that I\’d be open for business in December, but that\’s not seeming very likely now.  I am screaming on the inside, but am trying to meditate those screams away since there\’s nothing I could\’ve done differently.  Thanksgiving and Christmas also get in the way of getting things done quickly, so I\’ve just got to accept what is.
  • I\’ve made a brochure which will mail out next week to former patients and which I will hand out with evangelical zeal.
  • I\’ve started the process of interviewing people to work with me.
  • I changed the name of this blog from \”More Musings\” to the old name of \”Musings of a Distractible Mind.\”  I have imported the old posts to this blog and will begin the process of redirecting traffic from \”\” over to this blog.  More changes will soon follow.
  • I\’ve filled out a bunch of paperwork to do such amazing things as dropping out of Medicare, getting contracts with labs, and being able to run labs in my office.
  • \"\"I was contacted by the producer of the NPR radio show/podcast Science Friday about possibly being on a show about the future of health care.  While I am not sure how scientific my part will be, it\’s a show I\’ve listened to a lot and should be fun to be on.  It\’s a live show, so the pressure will be on me to not screw up too badly.  Perhaps you could make a drinking game based on how many times I say \”you know\” (which I realized I do a lot after listening to my last live appearance on a show).  I will be on the show between 2 and 2:30, and it probably won\’t be all that long.  Go here if you need to figure out how to listen (live or recorded).  Ira Flatow is the host, which means I am one of the few people who\’s been interviewed by the holy pair of public radio Iras (having spoken with Ira Glass on This American Life a couple of years ago).  Do I get some of award for that?  Perhaps they\’ll put money in my IRA.
  • Am making final preparations for my trip to Washington DC to speak at the mHIMSS mobile health summit on Monday.
  • I\’ve gotten dirty looks from my wife who is afraid I am getting a big head.
  • My hats don\’t fit me any more, but I think that\’s just a coincidence.
  • I wonder if Ira Flatow had a penguin named \”Bucky.\”

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