When I restarted blogging at the start of this year I made the decision to start a new blog instead of re-starting the old one.  I did this for several reasons:

  • I felt the old blog was something of the past and wanted a fresh start, as I had changed in the interim.
  • The old blog seemed to be slow, probably because I use a lot of pictures in my posts (some of them of Dick Cheney, which is definitely trouble).
  • A new blog reset the expectations of what I should write about and what tone I should take.  I could just be myself, and part of what made me quit the old blog was that I got too caught up in getting responses from my readers rather than being myself.

But I have found that I miss the old blog.  I think the name \”Musings of a Distractible Mind\” is better than the present \”More Musings\” moniker, which is very much derivative.  So I am considering changing back to the old name for this blog, either by combining the two into one site (it would make sense that my old blog material would go into the archives of this one) or just by changing the names.  I am asking this question now because in re-vamping the website for my practice (done by a professional), I have the opportunity to make this change.

What do you think?  I\’ve created a poll for you to give your opinions, but you can also comment.  I don\’t know why the poll looks funny on the page, but you are certainly smart enough to figure out how it works.  If not, then fill it out in the side-bar.  If you are still confused by all of this, wag your finger at the screen three times and say \”Bucky the wonder-penguin,\” three times.  This will forge a psychic bond between us and I will know your opinion on the matter. It will also likely get the people around you to suggest a medication dosage adjustment, which may be a good idea anyhow.

[poll id=\”3\”]

4 thoughts on “Distractible”

  1. The only problem with the old one was it was slow in loading. I pretty much quit visiting the site and read posts from my Google reader instead.

  2. I suggest combining the old with the new so we have the archives in one place. It would be great to have a good search to find a particular topic, like “lamas” for instance.

  3. From a readers standpoint it really does not matter. From a producer of content standpoint (yours) it may be important to have an overall theme name. It’s a great site, and most of the readers are going to check in 2-3 times a week no matter what its called.

  4. I’m a fan of blog archives. I am also typing on a Google pad… Hence short comment. I like seeing the bogging journey via the archives, especially the first post.

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