The Dog Pen

In looking through my vast collection of pens I came across a surprise:


It raised the obvious questions:

  • Why do I have a pen from Blueboy Chihuahuas?
  • Why would I have a pen from a company in Lowell MA?
  • Did a Chihuahua rep come around to my practice trying to get me to encourage my patients to get a chihuahua?
  • Does this Blueboy company sell chihuahuas, or do they just service them?
  • Is the boy really blue, and if so, did he get happier when he got a chihuahua?
  • Why would someone name a street \”Weed Street,\” unless they were fans of Cheech and Chong or lived in California (or Amsterdam)?

To answer these baffling questions I did what every red-blooded American (and those with other colors of blood…and non-Americans) would do: I googled it.  Here\’s what I found:


There is, in fact a store that sells chihuahuas in Lowell, MA, and their web page (which is purple, not blue) gives the following information:

  • They breed chihuahuas
  • They don\’t breed for demand, but try to place them in good homes (presumably ones with lots of blue things, although the color of the web page has me wondering)
  • They don\’t ship the puppies, meaning you can\’t get an overnight Fedex or UPS chihuahua.  I would think that the practice of shipping chihuahuas would be much more tempting than great dane or german shepherd shipping.  This is just guesswork on my part, though.
  • There is absolutely no explanation of the Blueboy name, nor is there reference to any form of hemp-related substance.
  • They are active in the animal rescue movement, which is a very good thing.
  • They don\’t discuss whether or not they rescue people from small dogs, as I have been personally persecuted my several of them in my life and would have greatly appreciated rescue.
  • They have an advertisement for GW Little, which has the following items for sale:


Glasses (although these look more like goggles to me)


A sombrero (the dog is clearly thrilled)


A hoodie (with a shark on it)


Blue bunny pajamas


A turkey costume (no comment can do it justice)


The ever watchful Spider-Dog

This raises the issue of animals needing rescue, and why a company (although their lack of reference to blueness makes me wonder if it\’s some sort of front) who purports to support animal rescue would send its readers to a Web site devoted to animal humiliation.

So the mystery of the dog pen remains.  I do have to say that it writes quite well, and has drawn international attention to the blueish dog vendor on a street with a questionable name.  I guess it\’s done it\’s job.

5 thoughts on “The Dog Pen”

  1. That’s funny Rob! 🙂 I’ve been cleaning out things and have FOUND a gazillion pens. All kinds. But I never paid attention to the advertisements on them. Will have to check. I guess we all walk away with them without realizing it. Maybe you were signing something and that establishment just happened to have that pen left by someone else. or someone else was signing something for your office and happened to leave that pen. or maybe I am taking the mystery of your pen to seriously. 🙂
    Our son and d-i-l had a great dane when they started out and then later had a chihuahua sent to them from CA. We babysat while they picked the dog up at Newark airport. So they had Brutis and Stella. 🙂

  2. Leslie Riley Blueboy Chihuahua

    Five years ago i gave 50 pens to my doctors office because they complained about pens always being stolen….I’m so happy you finding one of my pens in your collection gave your mind a total workout and amused you so ! I exibit Chihuahuas for the show ring and Chihuahuas do come in the color blue however Blueboy Chihuahuas stands for the police (The Men In Blue) and I try to name my registered dogs with police themed names…..Just to clear up a few things that seem muddy for you….interesting reading….nice job, yes the pen did serve its purpose, thankyou !

  3. I love it. So do you have any idea how it got from Massachusetts to GA? My mind gets workouts thinking about belly-button fuzz, so don’t fret about that.

  4. No idea but I would think because my primary care office has 8 doctors and your a doctor maybe a convention or something of sorts brought you together with the pen…..I found your post very funny and have posted it on Facebook for all my chihuahua friends to have a good chuckle over it, funny stuff !Good wrighting :))

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