Grand Rounds Deadline Looms (Thanks Jeremy)

So I was just chewing the fat with Mitt and Newt.  I made some wise-crack about how Santorum who would rob newts of their mitts.  They got a chuckle out of that one.

Then something strange happened.


\”Grand Rounds is coming!\” crooned a tremulous voice.  Nobody could find where it came from until Jeremy Lin pointed it out to us (thanks Jeremy).

It was the Grand Rounds Goat!

\”Grand Rounds is coming!\” the goat bleated again.  \”Submit your best blog posts by Sunday at 6 PM (EST) and you will see dancing goats!\”

Yes, the goat was right!  I don\’t know how he came to be so wise, but the Grand Rounds Goat  – with the help of Jeremy Lin (thanks Jeremy) –  had told the public of the upcoming deadline for submission of grand rounds.  Submit your post using the submission form with the help of Jeremy Lin (thanks Jeremy) and you will see dancing goats.

If that\’s not motivating, then nothing is.

4 thoughts on “Grand Rounds Deadline Looms (Thanks Jeremy)”

  1. John Schumann

    super photos! if only….you and jeremy could help entertain us more during those stultifying lie-fests…

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