Golden Llama Award

I think it\’s time to bring back an old friend: the Golden Llama Award.

The GLA is an award given to people who deserve it.  There is only a single criterion (that\’s right Latin, isn\’t it) needed to get a GLA: my whim.  If you do something that I think is particularly GLA worthy I will publicly endow you with the award so you can display it clearly wherever you want.  I would give you one warning: Oprah has been gunning for one of these for years, so try to keep it where she won\’t see it.  This whole OWN thing was a ploy to soften me up, and I am sick of the phone calls from her and her crony, Dr. Phil.

\"\"It won\’t work, Oprah.

So what do you have to do to get a GLA?  Well, you actually need to head over to my other blog, Llamaricks to find out.  Yes, this is a ploy to get actual submissions to that blog (as everyone so far has been a dead-beat and not sent me anything).  Go on over there and see what\’s up in GLA land!  Come on; you can do it!  Believe in the power within you.  Visualize your inner creative powers and expand their borders.  You just have to believe.

Oh no.  I think I just channeled Oprah.

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