A Little Housekeeping

I wish my mom looked like this and that she used Lestoil.

Sorry, I got distracted by this fabulous picture.  We can only hope the future is so great.  Anyhow, this post is to do a bit of housekeeping regarding the URL of this new blog.  The new and final home for this blog is http://more-distractible.org.  I have done a re-direct on the previous URL (http://doctor-rob.org/blah-blah-blah) which should take effect soon, I hope.  I fixed the feed so it already redirects (if you are getting this in the feed, then you have proof of that fact).  But if you have put up a link to this blog (in \”Avoid At All Costs\” lists, no doubt), you should change the old URL to this one.  I am not quite sure what a guy named URL has to do with this stuff, but perhaps he runs the Internet.  Maybe his mom wears a space suit and uses Lestoil.

Lucky Dog.

I\’ll also be spiffing up this place as I get the chance, so if you see changes to the color, pictures, or if it captures control of your computer remotely, don\’t be alarmed.  It\’s all part of the master plan.

Also, don\’t miss the fun at doctor-rob.org and llamaricks.  I have a humorous picture page on doctor-rob.org that I\’m going to periodically update.  Send your funky pics to me as well as any poetry for submission to Llamaricks.

I think that\’s all.  Thanks for all of the re-tweets and the nice things people have said.  I am truly touched by it all.

Now I have to work to make you regret those words.

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