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I have made a very big decision: I am going to unplug myself from the internet world for a while.  That means that I am hanging up my blogging for now.

Things are OK with me – 2010 has actually been a very good year for me personally – but I know that things can get better.  I have lived my life on this and other stages, getting the praise (and tomatoes thrown) that such a life can bring.  I’ve actually had more than my share of good things.  But I have so put myself into that person on the stage that there has been far too little time for the person behind the makeup, and for those he is close to.   This is a very big step to take, but I think I am taking it for healthy reasons.

This is an open-ended decision; I don’t know if/when I will plug back in, as I don’t really know when it will be good for me to do so.  I just know the start of this chapter, not how it ends.  Part of me hopes that I will be back at it soon, but I mean to really put this down, not just take a rest.  I will only pick it back up when I know it is the right thing to do.  If I do pick it up, it will be only for the right reasons.

I walk away now with gladness for what this part of my life has given me.  I don’t regret or look negatively on what it has brought me, in fact I see it as a very great thing.  I just know it is time for me to look to the guy who lives off of the stage and to those whom I love.  Life is bigger than all of this.  Life is more than the applause and the acclaim.  Perhaps I have made this too big a part of my life, especially the thrill at the sound of the applause.  When it comes right down to it, we are all people who go home and live in our own skin.  We should strive to live well in that skin we have, for the days that are allotted us.

A lot goes on behind the scenes, and over the past four and a half years I have had very much, both good and bad, happen in my life that has not made it to this blog.  The same is true for all of my patients and all of my readers.  We are much more than the persona we put out for others to see.  Each person we meet is far more than our perception of them.  We do well when we remember that fact.

Thank you to all that have made this such a pleasurable adventure.  Thank you to all of the friends I have made – you are truly friends, friends in real life.  I may be harder to reach than before, but I will still (God willing) be here.

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