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For those of you who follow my podcast, please note that I have been nominated for a podcast award.  I would appreciate your votes, as I really want the podcast to reach more people.  Is this an ego thing?  Probably, to some extent..  But I am doing it to give plain medical advice to people, explaining difficult things in ways that can help them.  I am giving the explanations that I give to my patients for things, and so hope to help both patients and doctors in this.  Winning an award would raise awareness of the podcast, and that is truly what I want.  I have left behind the fantasy of fame and fortune through podcasting, but I would like my labors to be fruitful.

For those who don\’t follow the podcast, you can vote too.  You can even listen to the podcast.  You can even subscribe to it.  Really.  It will only hurt a little.

I would appreciate your support.  You can vote once a day (I am in the \”health and fitness\” category).  If anyone knows someone from Chicago\’s voting commission, send them my way.  They are known to have \”creative\” ways of getting votes.

I would also like to thank my advertisers.  Drug of Choice Coffee is a great gift for the medical professionals in your life.  Hint Hint.  We REALLY like coffee.  It comes in really cool containers and trust me, it is good coffee.

And what better holiday gift for the doctor in your life than giving them meaningful use?  Yes, they can get $40,000 from the government, which is a fine stocking stuffer.  Click on the EMR tab and get info from Medical Software Advice about EMR\’s and how they stack up.

Yes, the computer can be your friend.

Finally, I thank Scrubs Gallery, which offers a great line of medical scrubs, a perfect gift as well!

15% off petite scrubs with checkout code \”petit_sale\”

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