Fred – Episode 1

OK, I am taking a risk here.  I\’ve actually already made 3 episodes so far, so don\’t worry about the total lack of any coherent plot.  Actually, there\’s no coherent plot after three episodes either.  Actually, there\’s not much coherent in my writing at all.  So really, it\’s not THAT big of a risk.
Here\’s a disclaimer:

  1. I am not an artist, but I do draw cool faces on tongue depressors that kids seem to enjoy.
  2. This is stream-of consciousness stuff.  I really have only a vague idea where it is going.  That\’s pretty much the same as any of my blog posts, though.
  3. I won\’t quit my day job (unless you know some very rich toddlers who want faces drawn on tongue depressors)



10 thoughts on “Fred – Episode 1”

  1. Dr. Fred’s 4 children are obviously quadruplets who are less than 10 months old if they have never publically embarrassed him!

  2. I can’t wait until eoisode 2. I love your funny faces Doc….do you write your presciptions as nice and neat as you have on this post?mo

  3. Well let’s all be thankful that Dr. fred’s kids have not yet “pubically embarrassed” him. LOL!!!

  4. Fun.I await Dr. Fred’s exit from the nearest phone booth (do they still make those anywhere but London?), cape streaming behind him, ready to fix the US healthcare crisis. Go, Fred, go!

  5. Children’s book? Get it Printed just the way it is,maybe with a few colourful doodles and faces too.Loved it…Definitely like to read the next parts2,3,4,5,6,…..

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