Previous Posts About My Respect of Patients

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These are a sampling of older posts that highlight the fact that I feel the patient, not the doctor, is the center of the universe in the exam room.  I have always said that in this blog, and those who are new here need to hear it again.  I am a primary care doctor who loves his patients (most of the time) and hates to see them treated poorly.  The last post in particular is one I wrote out of total frustration at how my patients were being treated by other doctors.

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6 thoughts on “Previous Posts About My Respect of Patients”

  1. More classic lessons in how a remarkable human being grows into a remarkable physician.

    I hope you will consider submitting something for the Grand Rounds of August 10 when the theme is doctor/patient communication.

  2. You have nothing to justify. I am a relatively new reader and your respect for patients is obvious.

  3. I am so sorry that people have taken that post in such a bad way.
    It was just as clear, well-written and insightful as we expect from you.
    I think it's sheer bad luck that you have ended up in this situation.

    Keep your chin up, and remember that there are many more people here who love your posts than there are people looking for cheap outrage.

    Don't doubt yourself.

    And I will hold my Golden Llama high above my head as a tribute to you.

  4. It was your Patient Rules cross-posted elsewhere that led me to your blog, and then reading back through your archives I found An Open Letter to Consultants, referenced above. That made me realize it really was okay to dump a specialist I was seeing. I went back to my PCP but wasn't sure how to approach things, when he asked if I'd been back to the specialist yet. That made it very easy to say that I was thinking of looking for a new one – in less than a minute I had a new referral. That was over a year ago, and the new specialist is great. I'm getting better care, and I no longer dread my appointments. All thanks to you showing me that I didn't have to be stuck with a doctor that wasn't working for me.

    Your blog does a fantastic job of helping patients know how to navigate the crazy world of obtaining medical care. Thank you for advocating for the relationship aspect of doctor/patient interactions.

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