3 thoughts on “Poll: What Should Be Done About Medicare?”

  1. let md pcp specialists run cms, also to have veto power to any mandates affecting how health care is run. cut freeze roll back prices of all commodities items related to health care preventive medicine and medical office overhead. tort reform is a must. have lawer go to medical school if they want to get involve with the health care system of our nation….protect the incoming generation and the dying ones or the older folks with limitied income. change life style. advertize like HELL….on healthy life style and expose harmful effects of artificial food such as HFCS TRANSFAT (hydrogenated no cholesterol vegetable oil). Transparency on all health care activities by the bigshots.

  2. If yoy think Medicare is a mess — don't even think about Medicaid!!!!! it exists ostensibly to help the poor but all it does is deny claims.

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