I have no single thing I want to write about today.  I am weary of the obvious topic: the \”passage\” of the 6-month extension on the SGR, but do feel I need to comment.
I am tired of this.  I am tired of being jerked around by congress.  I am tired of congress hitting the 6-month snooze button and somehow feeling that they are doing something good.  This is procrastination, not a solution.  Reassurances that something will be done are starting to be irrelevant.  The problem is becoming the frustration, anger, and exhaustion that congress is thrusting upon doctors and patients, not the pay cut itself.  The idea of no longer having to deal with the passive-aggressive tactics of congress is becoming increasingly appealing – and if it is this way for me, I am sure it is the same for PCP\’s across the country.

At some point the promises of the unfaithful spouse ring hollow.  Yes, things may get better, but that\’s starting to not matter any more.  Eventually you just have to break off the relationship, and congress\’ recent (in)actions are making a lot of us consider that possibility.  The consequences would be great, but to enable the pathology in Washington may have greater consequences.

Argue all you want that this is \”politics as usual,\” but I am starting not to care.  Blame the conservatives, the liberals, or the president.  Blame the AMA, the drug companies, lobbyists, or those pesky muskrats.  Pointing fingers won\’t make us any less jaded by the process we are enduring.

It has to stop.  Things have to change.

That\’s all I have to say about that.

On a brighter note, I just celebrated the first anniversary of my podcast, the House Call Doctor\’s Quick and Dirty Tips for taking charge of your health.   Episode 52 was another \”mystery diagnosis\” podcast, dealing with the common complaint of dizziness.  If you haven\’t checked it out, please do.  This blog is not aimed toward patient education (unless they want to learn about llamas); it is a personal perspective on being a doctor.  That is, by the way, why I don\’t have guest columnists (except for Dr. Val when she had no URL to call home).

The podcast, on the other hand, is all about patient education.  It is an entirely different medium aimed at an entirely different target.

If you have any suggestions/critiques regarding the podcast, I\’d love to hear them.  I don\’t get a lot of feedback (except on my Facebook page, but they tend to be \”fans\” of the podcast).

Finally, let me once again say how disappointed I am in my readership in their inability to come up with pictures of \”llama man.\”  The few attempts so far have been great, and will earn recognition.  But I must say that I expected more out of you.  Your mother and I are quite disappointed.  We will have to consider just how to deal with this falling-down on your part.

But let me give you another opportunity.  I have recently discovered the blog: Awkward Family Photos, along with its sister site Awkward Family Pet Photos. There was a picture that especially caught my eye, and I want to share it with you:

I want you, my readers, to come up with either a back-story that explains this, or a clever caption.

This should be easy for you guys.

11 thoughts on “SGR, HCD, and AFP”

  1. I find myself at a loss regarding a backstory or caption for this very strange photo, but the story of what happened moments after the photo was taken leapt into my mind.

    That was when the toddler pulled the trigger on the pink semi-automatic machine gun, bullets went ripping into the ceiling and ricocheting off the walls, the Irish wolfhound leapt into the air and there was … um … bloody chaos everywhere. The police, when they arrived on scene, were also very curious about the backstory …

    Sorry. I know.

  2. that looks pretty close to a llama, doesn't it? and since there is a lady and a baby, perhaps
    that is “llama man”??? well, kinda….somewhat?
    furry, at least, in a somewhat llama-ish way?
    what's been going on? don't want to know!

  3. “O.K. Honey, I'll smile for your stupid so-called family photo, but listen and listen well. That shutter clicks and you've got until I can set Peggy Sue down and either the dog or a bullet will be coming after you. Which one do you think you can outrun?”

  4. Dog father of the Family Photo……”DogFather is better than the BigGovernment Provider”

  5. Hmmm. It is very important that small children never be left unsupervised around the family pet. This is merely a demonstration of a basic parenting safety rule.

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