I Need To Clarify

For some reason, the search for \”dating patients\” as come up a lot on my side bar.  Now it seems that it has generated enough curiosity as to what I say on the issue that people are regularly clicking on \”dating patients.\”  They are disappointed to find out, however, that I have never written about dating patients.
It seems strange to me that this has happened, as I believe strongly that doctors should not date their patients.  This especially applies to those doctors who are married.  I don\’t intend on dating my patients, and I don\’t recommend that any other doctors do it either.  There are huge ethical lines that are crossed in this circumstance – especially with long-term patients.  The vulnerability of people in the exam room makes taking advantage of their weakness something that is quite bad.

I am glad I got that off of my chest, although I guess I can\’t say that I haven\’t written about \”dating patients\” any more.  I guess I will get even more searches.


On another  subject, I need to ask What\’s wrong with you, people??? I asked for pictures of \”llama man\” with the offer of a coveted Golden Llama award, and I have gotten only two submissions!!  Don\’t be afraid.  I want to see your talent (or lack thereof).  Since the GLA\’s are handed out by my whims, it is not beyond reason that I will reward particularly bad efforts out of pity.

I am just so disappointed.  Where have your mother and I gone wrong??


And with Father\’s day coming up, how about buying dad some Drug of Choice Coffee?  It\’s the perfect gift – especially if dad does drugs or works in the medical field (or both).

it\’s yumsters.

5 thoughts on “I Need To Clarify”

  1. I have an idea for Llama Man …but alas, my computer skills are lacking to be able to participate.

    As a patient who has had a doctor (married doctor) decide to date a patient …scratch that …patientS (in the plural over 15 years .. known) I can say it is quite alarming … it makes me question every thing he ever said to me. It makes me question the validity of any medical advice he gave me …

  2. I have worked in hospitals both as a nurse and in senior management. What went on there isn't what I would call dating, but there was coupling nonetheless. Sometimes with patients, more often with staff, always with married participants.

    Sometimes you hesitated to open a supply closet because what you could be supplied with would be an x-rated eyeful. Yuck.

    Since being diagnosed with MS and then fracturing my shoulder, I have had more doctors in the past five years than in the 50 preceding ones. I can't imagine dating any of them without feeling a cringing sense of awkwardness. Even my shoulder surgeon, who I have a major crush on. What would we talk about? The pros and cons of the choice he made for the shoulder prosthetic he used for the replacement? The condition of my glenoid labrum? Whether or not I said or did something mortifying while sedated? I am shuddering at the prospect.

    I wouldn't date anyone I knew nothing about and, truly, I know very little personally about these people. That is how it should be. Crossing those boundaries blurs professional judgment.

  3. Thanks for the clarification! I have been losing sleep over that! <G> Then again……….most of the public thinks doctors are so narcissistic they are in love with themselves. You know……….the old………..if he were a piece of chocolate he would eat himself stuff! <G> But the burning question is if Ilama man will ever be available? <VBG> Now that could really drive a gal wild! haha

  4. I don't think it's ever advisable for people in power positions to date their patients, ESPECIALLY doctors! It could turn disastrous so quickly. On the other hand, that coffee mug is perfect for the paternal caffeine addict in my life. 🙂

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