Golden Llama Contest: Llama Man

On the heels of the last GLA post (which made a certain 8-year old very happy), Jabulani sent the following tweet on Twitter:

Yes, it is my birthday today.  Geezerdome is imminent.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to have a new contest: Send me you picture depicting \”llama man.\”  There are three options on doing this,

  1. Email them to dr.rob.questions at
  2. Submit them on the Facebook page for the blog – see the sidebar for the URL (I\’m being lazy)
  3. Tweet them at me (@doc_rob)

Knowing the creativity of my readers, I am excited to see what you come up with.  THAT will be a fine birthday present.

4 thoughts on “Golden Llama Contest: Llama Man”

  1. Happy belated birthday, Rob!! I'm sorry I missed it on your day. I keep thinking it's June 3rd for some reason. Hope you celebrated!

  2. Dr. Rob, if my entry is too political, I apologize.

    I can do a Jon Stewart Llama Man to even things out. Or you can just delete my effort.

    It was fun to do, though. 🙂

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