LG (Llamas of Gold)

I bet you thought I forgot about Golden Llamas.
Only kind of sorta. But that is not the case any more. I have had enough time to contemplate, meditate, and obfuscate, and so now I am ready. I am just not sure you are ready.

I know that many of you will be cooking out and socializing this weekend, but for those of you who don\’t have any friends (like me) and for those of you who aren\’t in the U S of A, consider this your weekend party. It\’s nearly as good as a bar-b-q really, and there\’s no cleaning up to do when you are finished (plus you don\’t have to pretend that uncle Frank\’s jokes are funny).

Award 1: DD

The first award goes to the one who inspired me to write this post in the first place. Jabulani, who hosted Zippy over in Great Briton, tweeted the following earlier today: \”Was explaining @doc_rob an his llamas to my DD earlier. Just came to my desk and found this:\”

It didn\’t take a whole lot of deduction on my part to figure out that DD was her husband.  Actually, I have insider info on the fact that DD is in fact a child, but obviously a child with incredibly good taste and far more drawing skill than I could ever muster.

Award 2: DB

The second award goes to one of the first doctors to don the hat of \”blogger,\”  DB, also known as  Dr. Robert Centor.  He was blogging when the Internet was powered by steam (at least that\’s what the rumor mill told me).  Perhaps DB is getting a little cobwebs in the attic, or perhaps he was just gunning for a Golden Llama, but regardless, he said something awfully nice about my post, 10 Rules for Good Medicine.  He wrote: \”My quotes and praise do not do this post justice.  I would rate it one of the top 10 blog posts I have ever seen.  Please go clickety click.\”

Whoa.  Thanks DB!  That \”clickety click\” part does make me wonder about the attic, though.  Seriously, he\’s one of the premier medical bloggers, so I really appreciate the compliment.

Award 3: TL

The next GLA goes to someone who has been long overdue.  Back when I was just starting my blogging career, I was a nobody.  I had about two visitors per day, with a high percentage of them being from people who were mad I stole their pictures.  But I did have one loyal reader, and this person was the one who was the very first one to comment on my blog: The Laundress.

She was already blogging, and obviously took pity on me.   She doesn\’t do much blogging any more, but she did send me a couple of cool llama-related links on Facebook.  I\’ll use them in my upcoming novel, \”Escape from Llama Mountain.\”

Here\’s to you, Laundress (as I lift a cup of Clorox).

Award 4: EB (who doesn\’t go by EB to my knowledge, but I had to keep the motif going)

The final GLA for this edition goes to Erin Breedlove.  Why, you may ask, am I giving Erin a GLA?  First off, she puts me on her \”Follow Friday\” list every friday.  Second, she is a pre-medical student who is very very enthusiastic about her future career.  It does us old farts a lot of good to be exposed to that enthusiasm (as opposed to the crotchety cynicism of the rest of the medical blogosphere).  It would do the rest of you good to be exposed to it too.

The final reason Erin merits a GLA is because she lives in my home state of Georgia.  Up to now I have neglected my Peach State bloggers in the GLA realm.  That had to change.  I knew it had to change when I was greeted at the door by a mean-looking state trooper with a message from the governor of our great state, Sonny Perdue (I am not making that up, we have a governor named \”Sonny\”).  The message said:

Dr. Rob:

I hope this message finds you well.  It sure would be a shame if the officer delivering this message had an accident with his baton and made your wellness not so easy to find.  I am sure that including a blogger from our great state, home of Ted Turner and Oliver Hardy, in your next Golden Llama ceremony.  My good friend Kevin Pho assured me that you would do that.

Sonny (SP) Perdue.

Our governor (the one on the Left)

OK, I give in Mr. Governor.  Yes, we don\’t have Arnold as our governor, but our state troupers have been known to have baton accidents at unfortunate times.

7 thoughts on “LG (Llamas of Gold)”

  1. On behalf of my 8yo daughter, I'm delighted and very very honoured (yes, with a U!!) to accept this award. Thank you so much. Now I'm definitely going to stick the original picture on the fridge. I'd better laminate it first though … it needs to survive at least the next 50 years!

  2. I am, of course, miffed that I didn't get one, but I treasure the one I got last year. Though how you folded up that big bird in that little box, I still don't known.

    I really like that picture of The Laundress. Its classy.

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