Poll: What do You Think About the Healthcare Bill?

It passed.  I know most of you were watching CSI Jersey City, so let me be the first to tell you that the House of Regretatives passed the historic Healthcare Bill.  Now\’s your chance to tell the world what you think!
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2 thoughts on “Poll: What do You Think About the Healthcare Bill?”

  1. I meant to vote lunacy ..not I'm not an American and amused by your lunacy.

    The bill ..faulty, corrupt at it's foundation, should've been overhauled and as passed …is lunacy.

  2. Holy cow, have you met my (wonderful) PCP's associate? The one time I had to see him, I WISH my sinuses had been clogged, since he exuded toxic fumes every time he opened his mouth. Yes, mouth wash for doctors who want to work on alive and awake patients should be mandatory.

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