Zippy\’s Back!

Fish and Chips in England.

Raise your hand if you know who Zippy the Lobster is.  Yep, I suspected many of you had either forgotten about him or had never met him before.  You can put your hands down now.  One of you really aught to research the concept of deodorant.

Zippy and I met nearly two years ago in Myrtle Beach, SC.  He was hanging out in a tourist shop with other rubber lobsters, but there was something about him that was different.  He seemed to have both kindness and passion in his eyes.  Around that time I heard about a dear blogging friend who got incredibly bad news: her young son was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of brain cancer.  It was then that Zippy and I got the idea of him traveling around the world to help fight childhood brain tumors.

He has made the rounds to many famous medical bloggers, including

  • Grunt Doc (he went to the Bahamas with GD)
  • Scan Man (who liked him so much that Zippy had an extended stay with him in India)
  • Happy Hospitalist (who took him to Hawaii)
  • Doc Gurley (who had a blast with him in California)
  • Dr. Val (who introduced Zippy to the seamier side of the world: Washington DC)
  • Dr. Teresa (of Rural Doctoring, who let Zippy host grand rounds!)
  • Dr. Ramona Bates (who showed Zip Arkansas and gave him Botox injections)
  • Nurse Kim of Emergiblog (who tried to brainwash him into rooting for Notre Dame)
  • Charming BB (a great kid who, with his sister, showed Zippy a great time in Louisiana)
  • PK (who introduced Zippy to Oklahoma, and some very big statues).

On each stop, he got pictures taken doing various things unique to that part of the world, and tried to spread the word about children\’s brain tumor research.

He most recently spent a great time with Jabulani in England, and is off to join Shadowfax for the big fundraising event on St. Patrick\’s day where SF shaves his head for children\’s cancer research.

Go over to his blog and follow his many adventures, and if you want him to be with you, I am happy to get something arranged.  He has one more stop planned after Seattle with Shadowfax, but after that his schedule is open.

Give to Zippy\’s cause.  Buy Zippy Gear (proceeds all go to his charity).  Support this lobster on a mission!

Go Zippy!

Join the fun!

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  1. Go Zippy! Glad to see his moustache is still intact (it suits him better than it suits some other people.) Could he come visit me after Seattle? Pretty please? I promise to keep him away from all monkeys.

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