Overview of the Physical Exam

People are asking for more physical exam posts.
People asked for more Millli Vanilli too.  People aren\’t always smart.

But you ask, I give.  I am just that kind of guy.  It\’s been a long time (since October) since I have done a post on this subject.  So for all of you \”newbies\” out there (I just wanted to use that word and sound like a nerd), I want to give you a recap of what I have already done on the physical exam.  That way people who have not inflicted upon themselves read the old ones can get all caught up.  To be honest, this is one of my favorite series as well.  Or is that \”serieses?\”  Where\’s Grammar Girl when you need her?

To make navigation easier, I am using two images: one of Dick Cheney riding a Segway, and one of Maggie Simpson.

Here are the links:

1. The Head

2. The Eyes

3. The Ears

4.  The Nose

5.  The Mouth (Listed as part 1, but not followed by part 2)

6.  The Dangly Thingy at the Back of the Mouth

7.  The Pharynx

8.  Psychiatric Exam (No snide remarks regarding Mr. Cheney)

9.  Neck (this is listed as \”part 1\” which is accurate, but there is no part 2, so I could be sued for false advertising)

10.  The Chest

11.  The Heart (Part 1)

12.  The Heart (Part 2 – yes, there is a part 2 for this one.  Hallelujah)

13.  The Baby (Another listed as Part 1.  I probably should see a doctor about this)

14.  The Baby\’s Heart

15.  The Baby\’s Butt

16.  The Abdomen (Part 1)

17. The Abdomen (Part 2)

18. The Anus (No snide remarks on this one either)

19.  The Extremities

20.  The Shoulder (listed as \”Part 1\” on the arms, which is technically correct, but the post is really about the shoulder)

21.  Directions

22.  The Hernia/Sports Physical

23.  More Shoulder

24.  The Elbow

I hope that gives you plenty to do.  I\’ll probably turn this post into a page of its own, but perhaps I will get a cease and desist letter from Steve Jobs and have to boot that idea.

We\’ll see.

4 thoughts on “Overview of the Physical Exam”

  1. Make a snide remark about Mr. Cheney? I can assure you any remark I make about Mr. Cheney will not be snide. One does not joke about evil incarnate.

    Is there any way you could get him in to check his prostate with, say, a blowtorch rather than a finger?

    Just asking.

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