Llary the Llama Announces: Grandhog\’s Rounds

Emerging on February 2.

Llary says that you should submit your blog posts to grand rounds.  Llary also says that Dr. Rob really stinks at photoshop.  It\’s a good thing you don\’t need to photoshop to be a doctor or all of his patients would be in extreme danger.

Llary thinks they might be in danger anyway.

Obey Llary.  The email address is llamas.are.grand.rounds@gmail.com.

Deadline is January 31 at noon EST.
Addendum: Several people have sent me the full articles. Grand Rounds is a summary of the best of the medical blogosphere. I read and link to your posts, giving summaries. Following those links gives traffic to your site (which is another big advantage). Submitting to GR is one of the ways this blog became widely known.

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