Emergiblog Turns 4!

Happy Birthday to Emergiblog, and its every shy and demure blogmistress Kim.  I don\’t think it\’s Kim\’s birthday, but it is her blog\’s birthday.  I wanted to make that clear.
I have to say that I recently got to meet Kim at the summit it DC, and she is exactly as expected.  She is friendly, boisterous, and willing to tell you what she thinks.

So in honor of the 4th birthday of Emergiblog, I thought it would be appropriate to go over some of the developmental milestones that 4 year-olds can be expected to reach.  It is the pediatrician in me coming out.


  • Interested in new experiences – Seems to be the case.
  • Cooperates with other children – Blogs, in this case.  The DC summit verified this.
  • Plays “Mom” or “Dad” – ask Max E Nurse.  He considers Kim and Myself his blog parents.
  • Increasingly inventive in fantasy play – That sounds like my blog.  I fantasize about being witty and intelligent as Kim.
  • Dresses and undresses – Um… I am not sure how to handle this.
  • Negotiates solutions to conflicts – Every good blogger can do this.
  • More independent – HAH!  More than what?  She\’s an ER nurse!


  • Imagines that many unfamiliar images may be “monsters” – Like insurance reform?
  • Views self as a whole person involving body, mind, and feelings – Holistic approach.  She is from San Francisco.
  • Often cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality – Not sure about this one.  She has said nice things about my blog, which is a strike against her.


  • Correctly names some colors – She seemed to know Mauve from Taupe when I met her.
  • Understands the concept of counting and may know a few numbers – Watches her number of hits to the blog?  That\’s the activity of a blogging infant.  I am not sure if she is as fixated on this as some of us are.
  • Tries to solve problems from a single point of view – Yep.  She proved that in DC.
  • Begins to have a clearer sense of time – 4 years!
  • Follows three-part commands – Gives commands well…ER nurses are known for that.
  • Recalls parts of a story – Excellent at telling stories.
  • Understands the concepts of “same” and “different” – Check
  • Engages in fantasy play – We won\’t go there either.


  • Has mastered some basic rules of grammar – I am not one to analyze this!
  • Speaks in sentences of five to six words – Writes with more words per sentence!
  • Speaks clearly enough for strangers to understand – I\’m stranger, and I understand her!
  • Tells stories – Yep.

So here\’s to you, Kim.  Celebrate and enjoy your exit from being a toddler!  I look forward to seeing you again at Blogworld Expo in Vegas!

4 thoughts on “Emergiblog Turns 4!”

  1. This is hilarious!! I wish I could do this for every single one of my four year old patients… oh the laughs…

  2. This is hilarious!! I wish I could do this for every single one of my four year old patients… oh the laughs…

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