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I am not certain what it means to \”launch\” my podcast, but today is the day it is officially launched.  The new episode on antibiotics is (supposed to be) up and ready for download.  You can either get it at the website ( or subscribe to it on iTunes (click here to do it).  I encourage as many as possible to subscribe on iTunes, as I am being \”graded\” based on this.  If you have questions/corrections, please comment on the transcript of the podcast on the QDT website.

I am not only honored to be asked by them to do their podcast, but I am truly honored by the response I have gotten from you, my friends from the medical blog world and especially my readers.  I am not exaggerating in saying that I am very grateful to you all.

So here is the press release:



The HOUSE CALL DOCTOR’S QUICK AND DIRTY TIPS FOR TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH, hosted by Dr. Rob Lamberts, joins the highly successful Quick and Dirty Tips iTunes podcasts on July 14, with free content also available for download at

How can I lower my cholesterol? Is Tylenol really safe? Why do my bruises itch? No topic is off limits for the House Call Doctor—the newest addition to Macmillan’s Quick and Dirty Tips self-improvement franchise. Dr. Rob Lamberts practices full-time in his primary care private practice in the southeastern US.  He is board certified in internal medicine and pediatrics, and has doctored for the past 15 years. Lamberts’ recent involvement in the advocacy of electronic medical records has received national recognition and his popular medical blog, Musings of a Distractible Mind, was named one of Tara Parker-Pope’s “favorite medical blogs” in her New York Times Well blog.

With his trademark sense of humor and straightforward advice, Dr. Lamberts answers a wide variety of questions in this QDT podcast, mixing his extensive experience in the medical field with accessible advice that is both accurate and easy to understand. Filled with friendly and in-depth answers on listeners’ most pressing health issues, House Call Doctor offers progressive and innovative ways to look at medicine and the healthcare industry as a whole.

The House Call Doctor’s first series of podcasts will cover a wide range of health concerns and medical inquiries, including:

–        What do I really need to know about cholesterol?

–        How do I talk to my doctor about medical information I’ve found on the Internet?

–        Where do bruises come from, and how can I get rid of them?

–        What are the dangers of using popular pain relievers, such as Tylenol?

–        What should I look out for to prevent the over use of antibiotics?

Dr. Lamberts’ expert tips will give listeners the tools they need to understand their bodies better and improve their health and quality of life. His goal with the House Call Doctor is to “make medical things easier to understand and hopefully to offer a little entertainment in the process.” As Dr. Lamberts says, “People want to understand their health, but unfortunately many of the explanations out there are either confusing or boring.”

Quick and Dirty Tips, known for both its friendly and informative style and its innovative digital content distribution, has already introduced fourteen fascinating experts on a variety of subjects to millions of fans via podcasts, audiobooks, and online interaction. Popular Quick and Dirty Tips shows include: Grammar GirlSales GuyThe Dog Trainer, and Money Girl.


Dr. Rob Lamberts received his medical degree at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, PA, and did his residency training at Indiana University Hospitals in Indianapolis, IN. He currently practices full-time in his primary care private practice in the southeastern US and is board certified in internal medicine and pediatrics.

Dr. Lamberts is the author of the popular medical blog, Musings of a Distractible Mind (  The blog has gained notoriety not only for Dr. Lamberts’ insights into medicine, the healthcare industry, and what it’s like to be a doctor, but also for his sometimes offbeat humor (llamas somehow show up frequently in his writing).  Tara Parker-Pope in her Well blog in the New York Times calls Musings of a Distractible Mind “one of my favorite medical blogs”.  It has also been featured in the Los Angeles Times and Medical Economics magazine.

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  1. I hope the weather held for YOUR launch…unlike the Shuttle’s June 13th attempt!

  2. I hope the weather held for YOUR launch…unlike the Shuttle’s June 13th attempt!

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