Gift Idea

Good idea.  Men are reluctant to go to the doctor to get the care they need, and many are sitting at home when they should get care.  I am fortunate that my dad is OK with going to get seen and has a good doc making the recommendations.  He did, however, talk an awful lot about when he got his colonoscopy.  We were all a bit nervous about that.

Do this if your dad is at all reluctant.  They don\’t specifically say which tests should be done (PSA may not be appropriate), but certainly going to the doctor regularly is important for men over 65.  The best-case scenario is the visit is \”boring\” or \”a waste of time.\”  You want it to turn up nothing.

I am also glad at their choice of the above picture.  Yes, this guy is in a gown facing away, so the implication is that…well, we won\’t go there now.  Certainly it is more tasteful than if he were bending over….

No, that wouldn\’t make a good impression.