Unfolding Drama of Golden Llama

OK, it is time to do some awarding.

My last contest started very slow.  I asked people to write some poetry (limericks or other) that somehow related to medical bloggers.  I have to say, I was a bit miffed when people shied away from the opportunity to wax poetically.  In fact, I put out a plea for folks to step up to the plate!

It came late, but you guys didn\’t disappoint me.  There were some very creative submissions.

The person who gave any submission at all to my first call for poems was past Golden Llama winner Dr Val:

A medblogger who lives in pajamas
Is strangely obsessed with his llamas
He promised to fight
For their God-given right
To insurance from Mr. Obama

\"funky-llama\"I do have to mention that Peggy (Lurker extraordinaire) informed me of the existence of Funky Llama wine.  I had no idea llamas made wine.  The llama on the bottle really is quite funky.

After my pathetic plea for more submissions, people rescued my faltering honor with a barrage of submissions:

Jean Snowden submitted this one:

There once was a Distractible Mind,
who (as doctors go) was awfully kind.
He wrote advice to Obama
and awarded a Golden Llama
for any kind of reason he could find.

Mark Troeger, following the llama theme, added this one:

There exists a llama of fame
Its coat alone would shame
The most worthy of those
Who receive apropos
The golden trophy’s recognition to gain

I wonder if he has llamas in his mountains.

Bruce Campbell, another GL awardee, added his two to the mix:

There once was a blogger names Val,
Whose gift, it seemed, was to corral
Celebs and lawmakers,
The movers and shakers,
‘Cause D.C. was her prime locale.

There is a fine blogger who’s keen,
To quilt on a sewing machine.
But the rest of her craft
(Like insetting a graft)
Put knots where they’ll never be seen!

Bill (are we related?  I have a brother named Bill) wrote from a non-medical person\’s perspective:

To discourse on matters quite medical
Is, casually speaking, not ethical
When you haven’t a clue
As to what medicos do –
But what the heck, that won’t stop me.

The last line brought a tear to my eye.

Robin (yet another GL winner, and designer of the logo) comes clean this one (twice):

There are some fun doctors who tweet
Whose blogs sometimes get me so piqued
I too quickly comment,
Ruing words I just sent,
Thus often am eating both feet.

Catherine (BB\’s Mom) wrote a haiku about bodily fluids:

blood, snot, poo, vomit
no, these don’t bother me now,
kids blunt my senses.

But the clear winner in this contest was Dr. Dinosaur (who we like to call Dino), who wrote a haiku as well:

Random neurons fire
impulses hither and yon,
distracting the mind.

Dang, that one is so good I am going to put it on my sidebar!

\"hw7\"So who gets the Awards?  I can\’t give them to all who wrote poems – this was a contest, you know – so I will pick a couple of my favorites.  I put them up in this post so that everyone\’s poetic prowess would be displayed.  Everyone did very well.

Here are my winners:

  1. Clearly Dino deserves it for the wonderful haiku that I will forever cherish.
  2. I will also give one to Peggy (I have a sister named Peggy – are you my sister?) for the tip on Funky Llama wine.
  3. I also thought that Catherine\’s haiku was up to the rigorous GLA standards, so she gets one as well.

Lastly, I have to recognize a buddy from the Twitter world, Sandnsurf.  He is an ER physician from down under who wrote a very good summary post about blog carnivals and awards.  What gets him a GLA of his own is the fact that he put this award at the top of his list.

It just proves that you can bribe me to get this award.

Next contest to follow at a later date.

7 thoughts on “Unfolding Drama of Golden Llama”

  1. Words cannot describeThe feelings all pent up inside
    To receive this award
    Without poem aboard
    Would certainly seem like a bribe

    I accept with honor

  2. Words cannot describeThe feelings all pent up inside
    To receive this award
    Without poem aboard
    Would certainly seem like a bribe

    I accept with honor

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