Cancer Quest


I am a goof sometimes, but not always.  Above is a picture of a little girl’s grave.  She died of brain cancer.  Yes, there is a rubber lobster in the picture too, but without that lobster, few would be looking at her grave. 

Being a doctor is a fine thing to do, but there is always that uncomfortable companion of death.  Even more uncomfortable is when death comes to the young.

So I ask you all to support/promote Zippy.  Not a dime will go in my own pocket.

Give to his cause at


You can also buy all sorts of cool merchandise (thanks, Dr. Wes) at


All profits from the gear will go to Zippy’s fund.  Other logos are coming soon.  Thanks big-time to Robin Smith for making the logos (for free!).


If you want a visit, drop me a line….although the line is getting quite long.

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