Personal Musings for 7/27

It\’s been a busy week. We were down to 4 physicians (we add one next week and will be back up to 5), and 2 of them have been off since Tuesday, so things have bee hectic at work.

Still, I have gotten things finished and have left work with enough time to read Harry Potter.

My oldest read the book over the weekend after we bought it on Friday. We had a very good time at the party at Borders. J made it to the finals for his costume as Draco Malfoy, and Little C went as Ginny and looked really good. We enjoyed the festivities, but ended up running to Kroger to actually buy it (saving $4). It\’s a good memory.

While J read the new book, I read books 5 and 6, as I had forgotten a lot of the details. He said that the Deathly Hallows was the best one yet. I hope so. I have resisted looking at any sites which give things away. They really are fantastic books. Mrs. Dr. Rob and I both enjoy reading them. She is a very gifted author.


I put the current Poll up hoping to see what my readers felt were my better posts. It is hard to tell what comes off well and what does not. Looking at the number of comments on my most recent one (about Donuts and Dark Matter), perhaps that one didn\’t come off as good as I thought. Unfortunately, everyone is voting for the Beer, so I have not learned anything too useful.

I was going through a little bit of writer\’s block for a bit. You just have to let ideas \”ferment\” in the back of your mind. I have a couple more \”Ask Dr. Rob\” posts started, but if you do that kind of thing, it\’d better come off good.


Much thanks to the kind words from Kevin, MD, and Sid at Surgeonsblog. I try not to dwell to much on that stuff, but it helps to have some feedback.

July will be the biggest month so far, with over 6,100 visits so far. I somehow have been listed on a couple of times. I am not sure what they say over there, since it requires a membership, but it did greatly enhance my traffic when I was listed.

I hope everyone is having a great summer.




We got the Piano last weekend. It is a Steinway Grand which is at least 80 years old. It sounds absolutely incredible. I took lessons as a kid, but don\’t play well anymore. I may just take some again.