Personal Musings for 7/8

It\’s been quite a while since I did one of these.  I tend to get caught up in the writing part of things and lose that part of the blog that is more of a personal interaction with my readers.  I like both aspects to having a blog.  I have very much enjoyed the opportunity to work on my writing skills and developing a style.  It is an opportunity afforded only by the Internet – the chance to write and have an immediate audience you can interact with and get feedback.  Yet it is the friendship with your readers that is unique to blogging and what really keeps me writing.

That is just a wordy way of saying: thanks for reading my blog.  I greatly appreciate all of my readers (even you "lurkers").


It was not lost on me that Musings made the Healthcare 100.  It is hard for me to know how exactly how to respond to this kind of thing.  While my initial reaction was to enjoy the compliment, I figure that my job is to simply keep writing and not to focus on any of these outside things.  It was not my intent to write so that I could make a top100 list, but to express what I want to express as well as entertain my readers.  If I do this well, I\’ll get recognition.  If I don\’t then I\’ll just keep writing.  Either way, I have to be true to what the blog is about (which, admittedly, is pretty hard to pin down).

Still, I can\’t resist mentioning the fact that this past week Musings has been sited in Kevin, MD, Junkfood Science, Dr. Crippen\’s Blog (the "Grand Poobah"), and Shrink Rap.  I read and enjoy these blogs, so it is nice to see that they do the same (at least on occasion).  Since I don\’t advertise on the blog, I don\’t make money from the traffic.  But I see this as a potential source of regular readers if people like what they read.  I thank them all for the mention.


The highlight of the week at home was the fireworks on the 4th of July.  Augusta does them off of a bridge across the Savannah River, and has been doing a better job each year.  This year they were nearly 30 minutes straight of fireworks going quite frequently, with a waterfall of light streaming off the bridge into the water at one point.  The kids had a great time, as did I.

I even got to eat a delicacy I had never tried.  I ate a "Deep Fried Twinkie."  I was chided greatly by the wife for even considering eating such a nutritional monstrosity, but I split it with my daughter, E, who has a very loose taste in food as I do.  Yet since I represent myself at times with the image of "Twinkie the Kid," and since I posted on Twinkies back when I was over on Blogger, I could not resist. 

It was actually quite good.  It is about 200 calories a molecule, but tasted a lot like a donut.  I\’m already planning on having my pants let-out.