Stupid Marketing

Holly thinks the drug companies are really dumb.


We got this huge box from a drug company advertising a drug that was released simply to extend the patent of a previously successful drug that went OTC and generic (hint: call it Claritin XP – for extend patent).  So she got her evil bunk-detecting eyes (which happens every time she is around something that is wasteful or over-the-top) and motioned for me to open it and see what was on the inside.  Such a big box must have something fantastic inside.  So I opened it.


Then she got really disgusted.


The "prize" is in a little section of the box marked by the circle and arrows (that Holly nicely included for you).

Here is what the whole box was delivering to me:


What is it?  It\’s a thingy that you attach to your computer monitor and can pull down to wipe your screen off.  Zowie!


So now Holly\’s depressed.  How could they use such a huge box to send us such a lame gift?  Why would they waste such money on something that no one really would put to use??

You could see the rage welling up in her.  You could see the absolute disgust in the system we call healthcare.  That is why we pay so much for drugs.  That is why we have nearly the highest per-capita spending on healthcare while falling substandard when it comes to the quality of care.  Some goof-ball somewhere decided that this kind of thing was worth doing.


So I say to you, lords of Pharma: beware of the eyes of Holly.

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