New Feature to the Blog

Did you ever wonder:

  • W\"7a3mg_1_r\"hy am I here?
  • Where does that highway lead to?
  • How do you use a semicolon properly?
  • What are "living daylights" and why can they be scared out of me?
  • Where does Dr. Rob get buy his mouthwash?
  • What is the capital of Assyria?
  • How do you raise milk goats successfully?
  • How long will this list be?
  • How do you say "I am seasick" in French?
  • What is better, bowling or mayonnaise?
  • Why is a mouse that spins?

Well, today\’s your lucky day! I am starting a new feature called "Ask Dr. Rob."


This is where you, the reader, gets to ask me, Dr. Rob, questions about things (like, "why did you use so many commas in the past sentence?"). I will, in turn, respond in a blog post which may or may not have anything to do with your question. But you will have the satisfaction of asking hard questions, and that really is where you start in the road of life.

I will entertain both serious and…umm….not so serious questions. Ask away! Send your e-mails to


I look forward to answering your questions.