The Evil Temptress

In honor of Flea, I am re-publishing a poem I wrote in the comments of a post from his blog. He had found the name of the new ADHD patch, Daytrana, humorous. He felt that it sounded like the name of a wicked woman who takes advantage of weak and unsuspecting men. Overcome by the thought (or maybe it was the bean burrito I had), I wrote the following:

There once was a couple named Don and Ivana
That had a love-child and named her Daytrana
A lovely young lady, Daytrana would be
Enticing, alluring to all who did see

Some thought her evil and others did like her
But she was great help to the ones who were hyper
Addictive she was, to those who could reach her
Those desperate fathers, mothers and teachers

With voice of a siren she sang her sweet song
To tempt those who desperately needed the calm
With glazed-over eyes her lovers would live
Deep under her spell of the nectar she\’d give

And so I do beg you to not heed her call
Not into the arms of this temptress do fall
Daytrana! Daytrana! What schemes do you hatch?
A love so enticing that comes as a patch.