Happy Birthday to Me


One year ago today I blogged my first post on \”Musings of a Distractible Mind.\” Actually I misspelled the word \”Distractible\” and left it there for a few weeks until I noticed. Since Moof had yet to discover me and proclaim me worth reading (which was really the break that got me readers), I had a couple of readers and none noticed the error.

\"630018\" My first comment was from Laundress (I still want her to be queen of the universe, but it has yet to come up for a vote in the intergalactic parliament). I was actually on blogger at that point, but would soon be scared away by Blogger beta (that evil invention from the depths of hell). I came over here in November.

On this website I have posted 218 posts (219 if you count this one) in 28 categories, have had 913 comments, and my spam program has caught 13,185 spam messages (about half of them about tramadol). I have done grand rounds and pediatric grand rounds one time each.

Who knows just how many hours I have spent blogging. I will say that I have greatly enjoyed the friendships I have built over the past year. One year ago:

  • \"birthday\" I did not know there really was a Laundress (although deep in my heart I wanted to believe there was)
  • I had not heard of a Moof
  • I had not argued with Clark
  • I thought a Flea was an Internist (silly me)
  • I would have put a Shinga on my roof
  • Llamas were a mere curiosity
  • I was not aware of the dangers of dogs driving cars
  • I had few friends outside of the US
  • Scan Man would have sounded like some geeky superhero
  • I still hated accordions
  • I had a lot fewer friends than I do now

Blogging has been good to me. I have enjoyed so much the many friends I have made in the process. It amazes me that I regularly converse with people all over the US as well as around the world. That is really a cool thing to me.

Thanks so much for all of you who have made the past year so great. I hope to get to know you all a lot better over the coming years.